Energy Management

When upgrading an old Energy Management system, the logic in the controllers must be updated to include new energy saving
strategies. Equipment changes can be made like adding Variable Frequency Drives to constant speed cooling tower fans to save
energy and reduce operating costs. Load shedding logic can be added to reduce monthly peak utility usage. We have helped
many customers meet their mandated energy saving goals.

Our Energy Dashboard products that allows easy access to your facilities energy usage. And is very useful in proving return on
investment of your energy savings projects. It is important for your facility manager to be able to data mine, and generate
reports on energy consumption. By making this data more visible, an energy manager can track equipment efficiency and
pending maintenance issues.

Metering of Energy usage.
  • Natural Gas
  • Air
  • Electrical Energy
  • Water Consumption

Monitory your energy, and then verify your bills are accurate. Track your consumption by areas of your plant, or production lines.
Getting Eyes on the usage can assist your maintenance tech’s in tracking down causes of peak demand charges and pin point
the equipment that is causing it.

For Schools, we can setup web page with energy values by week or month for green initiatives.

• Schneider-Electric power meters
• Available in a range of features to meet your needs.
• PM8000 series for General monitoring, with ION technology (programmable).
• ION7750 High end Meters with waveform capture that can verify your grid power quality.