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System Analytics

Our Analytics packages can help you easily evaluate if your equipment is working at peek efficiency. Either by a daily equipment report that is emailed to you. Or buy upgrading your HVAC monitoring system with Analytics add-ons and Data Mining features to roll up power meter data by day, week or month. Analytics can help your Maintenance Department determine what units need attention without clicking through every HVAC unit graphic page.

Energy Dashboard products that allows easy access to your facilities energy usage. And is very useful in proving return on investment of your energy savings projects.

Facility managers can track equipment efficiency and pending maintenance issues.
Give your Maintenance Department have the tools to keep your tenants happy.

System Analytics
  • Remote data collection on C-Tech Servers with daily emailed status report
  • Honeywell/Tridium N4 Meter Analytics add-ons
  • Electrical Energy Reports with PME Software
  • Water Consumption Monitoring and high use Alarms

Monitory your Utilities, and then verify your bills are accurate. Track your consumption by areas of your plant, or production lines.