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HVAC Controls

C-Tech offers a wide range of products to meet your controls needs, and can pick the best of
breed system for your applications. Industry standard Lon or BACnet communication between
controllers to meet your specs and integrate with your existing devices.

Schneider SmartStruxure
  • C-Tech’s Enterprise level system, with BACnet, LON, and ModBus communication options.
  • Web-based interface for ease of use (requires no software).
  • Intuitive configuration software.
  • Able to communicate with any 3rd party system.
SmartStruxure Wireless
  • C-Tech’s Enterprise level system for control of small to medium sized buildings.
  • Wireless communication saves wiring costs.
  • Wireless sensors and switches for HVAC, lighting, and monitoring.
  • Requires no additional software, uses web configuration tools embedded in controllers.
Schneider I-Net
  • C-Tech has a Large installed base of I/Net systems and happy customers.
  • I/Net features stable, reliable hardware and software.
  • Multiple LAN levels for fully programmable and application specific controllers.
  • Web-based interfaces for 3rd party systems.
Schneider Vista
  • C-Tech’s LON based system with web-based interface.
  • Stable, reliable front end operation and operation software.
  • Full line of fully programmable and application specific controllers.
  • Scalable enterprise level system.
Schneider I/A
  • Web-based system
  • Both LON and BACnet interfaces
  • 3rd party interfaces to many systems
  • Fully programmable and application specific controllers
  • Scalable enterprise level system
Honeywell Controls
  • C-Tech installs and supports  Honeywell WEBs, Tridium AX, N4 web-based control system.
  • Scalable enterprise level system.
  • Can be installed as LON and\or BACnet protocol systems.
  • Many 3rd party interfaces available to integrate your system together.
  • Fully programmable and applications specific controllers.
  • Integration into most older Honeywell legacy systems.