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Industrial Automation

C-Tech’s industrial division will provide your business with top quality instrumentation and programmable logic controllers
PLC’s to manage your process needs. Get a complete view of your central plant from one control HMI package. Allowing
you to monitor all of your equipment easily by improving visibility and ease of operation for your staff. We can handle
your industrial needs, from Industrial Central Plants, Mist Collectors, HVAC controlled by PLC, and Laser product tolerance
test benches.

We can provide PLC’s that match the brand that in your plant, that your employees are already trained on.

PLC/HMI Integration
  • C-Tech has PLC programming experience in Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, and Yokogawa and others.
  • Industrial HMI programming experience Rockwell FactoryTalk, GE Cimplicity, Wonderware, and several brands of touchscreens.
  • Integration of multiple network communication protocols to a Central HMI and database makes for a complete system.
    And promotes ease of maintenance.
  • Our Team can provide Graphics Development for HMI Operator Interfaces to fill you system monitoring needs.
Plant Utility PLC Control
  • C-Tech provides Chilled Water, Process Water, and Cooling Tower Control.
  • High Capacity Steam & Hot Water Boiler control.
  • Compressed air usage, Electrical consumption.
  • Plant Waste Water control and critical environmental data collection.
  • Industrial Gas Measurement and Point of use metering.
  • Compressed Air Systems monitoring and control.
Critical Temperature Control
  • C-Tech provides Integration and control of your AHU’s to your Facility Management System.
  • Integration of multiple Energy Monitoring Systems into a Central HMI.
  • Critical Temperature, Relative Humidity and High Purity Control for Process Areas.
  • QA Data Acquisition for Traceability.
  • Large Capacity Oven Zone Control for curing and aging processes.
Bulk Process Fluid Control
  • C-Tech can automate your Tank Farm.
  • Tank Farm – Level Control & Monitoring for precise delivery to plant systems.
  • Transfer and Distribution Pump Automation.
  • Supply/Return Process Water Temperature control to critical production areas.
  • Plant Water Treatment Chemical & Filtration Control for environmental regulatory compliance.
Metering and Instrumentation
  • C-Tech provides application engineering for selection of instrumentation.
  • We provide NIST Traceable calibration of plant instrumentation and documentation.
  • Our Service Team can check calibration of your equipment with NIST certified test equipment.
  • We provide calibration and startup/commissioning of meters and Instruments.
Control Panel Fabrication

Our Expert Panel Fabrication Shop builds Control Panels and Power Distribution Panels. We build our panels in a Clean well lit
Shop to maintain a high level of quality. Unlike other contractors that may build their panels on-site in the middle of heavy
construction. Compare for your self, our UL panels are clean and impressive. We also install laminated control drawings on the
inside of our control panel doors at completion of projects. Extra documentation promotes up time and ease of maintenance.