Video Conferencing

C-Tech Controls Video Conferencing provides a powerful platform to help transform and strengthen education and training. Using
video conferencing as the means to connect instructors with students, distance learning programs are expanding both the revenues
and reach of higher education institutions. Information can be shared throughout several locations providing significant savings.

No longer will staff need to travel to attend training sessions. Full-motion video conferencing offers “The next best thing to being there.”
C-Tech Controls utilizes LifeSize Video Codecs and Cameras for interactive distance learning rooms connecting students with teachers
through video streaming and application sharing. Visual presentations improve education and retention, sharing of knowledge and


Mobile AV systems provide a flexible and robust solution suited for so many applications; government communications, education,
remote patient care, on-demand project collaboration and more. We know that your system needs to be as flexible as possible.
C-Tech offers portable solutions including projectors, flat panels, carts, visual presenters, sound systems, and roll-around video and
teleconferencing stations.

Position a mobile cart or floor stand anywhere you need a telepresence or video conferencing solution. Productivity is greatly improved
by keeping employees connected and interacting regardless of their location. C-Tech Controls helps clients implement solutions for
remote workforces, as well as professionals who are always on the go.